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Creative Intelligance -- Ulead's Photo Impact

Ulead Photo Impact
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This community is for users, and those interested in using, the image editing program from Ulead, Photo Impact! Members are encouraged to ask questions, offer tips and tutorials, share resources and, of course, to share creations. Everyone is welcome, from the seasoned graphics user to the newest initiate to the world of graphics. Welcome!

News & Announcements

7/14/2006: OK..so I realized I've been neglecting my mod-ish duties, and have therefore spent the evening vamping up the userinfo page. Tada! Content. :) Even though it went slow, the first challenge generated some entries - and helped us get to know each other a little! I'm hoping to have another challenge posted up, soon. See below for more information.


Quite a few members seem to be interested in a challenge of some sort, so I'm going to work on something for this. As soon as I have something, there'll be something here! :D

Challege #00
Introduce yourself!

icon_extras - For, "icon resources consisting of bases, templates, tutorials, help and more!"
icon_textures - For textures!
icongradients - For gradients!
100x100_brushes - For brushes!
icon_tutorial - For tutorials!
** Sorry for the icon bias! These are just some communities I visit...so I know them. Leave me suggestions if you know of an LJ community you think would make a great resource!

~Web Sites~
PhotoImpact Resource Center - The name should said it all, yes?
Wishing Well Tutorials - I highly recommend this site. It sure helped me pick up on a lot of neat tricks. ^_^
Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials - I honestly don't know how the tutorials are...but it looks like they could be good!
PhotoImpact at HuntFor.com - A collection of links to tutorial sites. :)

DaFont.com - To feed your font obsessions! For all your font needs!
stock.xchng - For stock photos and image resources.
Getty Images - Another stock photos site.
PhotoBucket - Need a free site to host your creations? Give PhotoBucket a try.